Global Missions

Global Missions

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Our GLOBAL OUTREACH is expressed through individuals and couples who have been sent out from our church to make God known in the world. They serve in a variety of capacities from Bible translation to church planting to theological education.


Our mission is to impact English speaking, Kingdom-minded women serving around the world from various nations and vocations, through restful, restorative, and nurturing retreats; to provide ongoing care, connection, and resources; and to be a host of dynamic women involved in fair trade.


Are sponsored by the Aspen Crossroads Church. Their main role is to train and equip Christian leaders. They start and help run home churches teaching discipleship and leadership. Along with organizing cottage industries and in the past they have helped establish a sewing center in India.


Cathy serves with Cru.  She previously served in East Asia, but now helps train and equip missionaries who are engaged in Great Commission ministries in various countries around the world.  She specifically helps missionaries in the area of language learning, so that they can share the Gospel and make disciples using the heart language of the people they are reaching out to.  She also reaches out to international students at North Carolina State University.


Share the Gospel through Teaching Truth International (TTI) with their son and daughter-in-law, Ben and Emily. Teaching Truth International’s mission is to teach the forgotten pastors who serve in the hidden corners of the world.


Dan and Dina serve in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia with Cru.

After receiving their bachelor’s degrees from Colorado State University and the University of California at Santa Barbara respectively, Dan and Dina entered full-time service with Cru.

In 1994, they moved to Central Asia to lead multiple teams throughout the developing country of Kyrgyzstan. During this season, both Dan and Dina completed a Master’s degree in organizational leadership from Azusa Pacific University.

After ten years in Kyrgyzstan, Dan and Dina transferred ministry leadership to a team of indigenous believers and moved with their four children to another Islamic country north of Iran. There, along with a team of wonderful staff and partners, they attempted to create self-sustaining businesses to reflect God’s kingdom principles in a corrupt economic and political climate.

After completing a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2011, Dan took a regional leadership role with Cru to provide supervision of 50 ministry teams in Persia, Armenia, Central Asia, and Turkey.

Currently, Dan and Dina oversee staff in 30 Muslim countries intent on reaching influencers who have the ability and means to change their nations for Christ. Together, Dan, Dina, and their four children enjoy cycling, surfing, tennis, God’s creation, and good coffee.


Sharing the love of Jesus with the Navajo people at God’s House / The Shepherd’s Fold in Gallup, New Mexico. Sharing life – loving each other – bringing hope through Jesus Christ. A ministry with the youth, families, homeless, and lost.


M.I.V.A children’s ministry Is a ministry and school in Pimentel Dominican Republic that serves the needs of the children and their families, giving them an education, providing meals, and offering spiritual guidance.

Sharing the love of Jesus with the Navajo people at God’s House / The Shepherd’s Fold in Gallup, New Mexico. Sharing life – loving each other – bringing hope through Jesus Christ. A ministry with the youth, families, homeless, and lost.


Lives in Sierra Leone, working with churches and schools to assist pastors in church planting and building. In addition to running retreats, Pastor George sets up lunch pack programs for undernourished children and has set up several programs to help stop domestic violence while mentoring young boys and men.


Brad and Gina are sharing the Gospel in the Andes Mountains of Southern Peru with SIM (Serving In Mission). They live and serve in a Quechua Native American community, and focus on discipling, equipping, and training pastors and church planters.

Part of their ministry is built on radio broadcasting, which allows them to spread the Gospel to other communities within a 100-mile radius of the radio tower. Due to the remoteness of their community, this will serve as a great tool to spread the Gospel to unreached people groups.


Have spent many years serving as missionaries along with their 2 children, Andrew and Katie. Big Horn Ministries is an independent non-profit ministry. They are governed by a Board of Directors and hold to traditional, evangelical, Christian Doctrine. They are not affiliated with any denomination or church.


Gunnison local and missionary kid, Andrew has answered the call to serve with CRU on his college campus where he and his wife, Kayla, disciple young men and women.


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