Next Steps

Next Steps

Newcomer’s Reception

Attend a Newcomer’s Reception, which is held on the first Sunday each month following the weekend service.  At a Newcomer’s Reception you will meet our Senior Pastor, some of our staff team, and you will learn more about Community Church.

Covenant Membership

Community Church desires to be known as a place for spiritual seekers to hear the “dangerous” message of Jesus Christ.  But proclaiming the Gospel alone doesn’t make us a church. What makes us a church – not just an evangelistic organization – is that we are a community of God’s people.  We have regular attenders and guests, but we also have members.  People can belong to our fellowship, and they can know they’re connected.


Scheduling Your Baptism

Baptisms occur on Sunday mornings as part of our Weekend Service; however as it requires that we set up a portable baptistry they do not occur every weekend.  We schedule them as needed with the hopes of celebrating them on at least a Quarterly basis.

Baptisms can be scheduled with our Office Manager, Pat Kroeker or Office Assistant, Mary Beth Odom.  Simply call our Church Office at 970-641-0925.  Dates for the following will be scheduled:

  • An appointment will be scheduled with the Pastor who will perform the baptism
  • A tentative date will be set for your baptism
Scheduling Your Childs Baptism
  • Attend the Children’s New Christian Class

The Children’s New Christian Class is designed to help children understand their commitment and is the first step in our preparatory process for baptism and helping him/her begin their new life in Christ.  Parents are encouraged to attend with their child to observe interactions and to assist in the evaluation of spiritual readiness.

After this initial class there are three more sessions that cover the topics of:

  • Baptism
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Quiet times with God

For more information or to schedule your child’s baptism, please call the Church Office at 970-641-0925.

Scheduling Your Students Baptism
  • Attend Student 101 Class

This helps students deal with the foundational beliefs that will provide direction and encouragement as students begin their new life in Christ.  Once a student has completed this class, their baptism will be scheduled.  Parents are welcome to attend with their student.

For more information or to schedule your student’s baptism, please call the Church Office at 970-641-0925.


New Here?

Find out how, where and when we worship. We hope to see you soon!!